Intermode - our raison d'être

We believe passionately in business. Business that starts small and grows, because big is not always beautiful - but it has to start somewhere and that somewhere is usually small.

Intermode exists to provide support to startup and early-stage businesses promoting growth and future profitability. The kind of support we provide is:

  • Direct investment from Intermode members
  • Advice and experience 
  • Networks and connections
  • Introductions to markets, customers and partners
  • Technology and systems

Intermode is not a charity, but equally does not seek to make the returns that other incubators demand.  Our horizons are long and we provide skills and support for the longterm too.

Intermode seeks to cover its costs and make a modest return from its investment.  

Intermode provides services typically on an equity share or contingent fee basis, taking a fee when companies in which it has invested in are successful and that success is a result of Intermode's help.

Our primary focus is in UK based technology startups. However, we do look at other sectors including the consumer, retail and distribution industries. For example, recent activity has included a software development startup, a bicycle hire startup, a digital media and L&D business and a global telematics business. 

If you have something you think might interest us - or just need to discuss your venture with a good listener, please contact us here.

Intermode is part of the Capiscum Group

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